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First Light


A warfighter in one of the world’s most dangerous regions. A law enforcement officer on a late-night traffic stop. A home-owner who wants to protect his family at night. A hunter who needs both hands free to safely climb into his tree stand or defend himself against a wounded animal. They all have one thing in common: the need for a dependable light that cuts through the darkness and identifies threats.

But for years, they’ve all been bogged down by lighting tools that were clumsy and hard to handle, at best – and, at worst, downright unsafe and unreliable.

Enter: First-Light USA. We’ve taken a new approach to tactical lighting by ignoring the outdated rules of flashlight design to solve the problems that have been limiting flashlight users for over a century. This new thinking has allowed us to create lights without limits – hands-enabling, professional-grade lighting solutions that are:


We’ve spent years studying how tactical professionals use their lights – their movements, their decision-making processes, even their stress levels. The result of all this observation? Common-sense designs that offer uncommon tactical performance advantages.


At First-Light USA, we always strive to make tactical lights that make sense. So we started by looking at all the advantages a flashlight can offer, then stripped away all the design limitations holding them back. This fresh approach to product design has helped us create ergonomic, hands-enabling lights that enhance the performance of any operator.


When you’re required to adapt to a situation at a moment’s notice, your light should be just as adaptable. Only First-Light USA products offer such a high level of adaptability, with features, functions and accessories that let you use your light the way you need.


At First-Light USA, we believe that American ingenuity and hard work are an unbeatable combination. That’s why we’re committed to sourcing parts and supplies from American-based vendors whenever possible.

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